Menduni Garden Artistry

Menduni Garden Artistry


From our small beginnings in the early 1970's Menduni Garden Artistry has grown to have one of the most comprehensive ranges of garden ware in Australia. Throughout the years we have gathered a vast array of products from around the world.

Currently we are not manufacturing due to change of production venue. Products usually in manufacture include ~ Columns, Birdbaths, Water features (fountains), Ponds, Cascades, Pots, Urns, Pedestals, Wall Plaques, Statues, Gazebos, Garden Arches and Outdoor Garden Tables and Seating in a variety of styles from classic to modern. We hope  to recommence prouction very soon.

All goods should be  installed by a person with appropriate qualifications.

Australian made items have been produced in our own factory in Goulburn, NSW.

Materials that have been used in manufacture include ~ Concrete of various finishes ~ Fibreglass ~ GRC ~ Wrought Iron ~ Ceramic and Terracotta.

Some imported products include ~ Fibreglass ~ GRC ~ Lava Stone ~ Cast Iron ~ Granite ~ Ceramic and Terracotta ~ Bronze and Brass.


Cast Cement products come in two colours; these finishes are proven over many years and will not peel.

  1. "Stone" : Rusty yellow with black aged wash. This finish is a mixture of oxides which stain the cement so variations will occur.
  2. "Aged White" : Natural off white colour with a grey aged wash.
    The concrete will also age in time naturally




Some fountains which use surrounds creating ponds, have an option to use a fibrelass insert, and although not necessary, inserts speed up installation time by eliminating the need to waterproof. Inserts can also be installed in-ground, eliminating the need for a surround.


Pumps are available for our fountains but are not included in our low fountain prices as individual customers have different requirements. All electrical work should be carried out by a licenced electrician.